THE NEED FOR FREEWORLDIMPORTS-THE UNCONVENTIONAL INVENTORY LIQUIDATION MARKETPLACE! The INVESTING DOT COM article referenced by this link continue to make the case for FreeWorldImports: . Traditional models is not sufficient to liquidate available inventories in a timely manner. Hybrid approaches to what is being utilized by Transborder Ventures Training and Employment Enabler for US and International Displaced Workers will be helpful. Learn more about us at:

INSTANT ISSUE VIRTUAL DEBIT CARD: Unlike traditional debit cards which have stored value enabling card holders to make payments to designated merchants.
The GenieCard allow for both incoming and outgoing transactions with anyone, anytime using any internet enabled device. Learn more at:


HYDROGEN INVERTERS FOR ECOLOGICAL WASTE DISPOSAL: Playing our part in helping to solve the global problem of waste disposal-(HI-2 at work,recent Installation - Healthcare Facility). Learn more at:


Negative ions can absorb suspended particles in the air, for example: PM2.5 | formaldehyde | polen | Secondhand smoke | pet hair etc. The fact that these suspended particles attract each other, they become bigger and heavier, thus acelerating landing.

Learn more at:

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